As a manufacturer or dealer of R/C equipment there are many ways the R/C Desk Pilot simulator can help you reach the right audience.

For now the simulator is still early in development but here are the options that are on the drawing board at the moment:

  • in-game advertising: when the sim is started, it will download some ads from this website that will be neatly integrated in the game. This will result in real 3D billboards and aircraft paintjobs inside the simulator. It's hard for a pilot to miss your website URL when it's painted over his airplane! The cool thing is: you can select the country/state of your target audience.
  • we can include your aircraft inside the simulator. This is a rather labour-intensive process but well worth it: by clicking the "buy this plane" button, the pilot can buy your plane at your shop he has just learned to fly with!
  • making custom versions for manufacturers: with many RTF models you buy nowadays, a CD is included with some generic simulator. Maybe R/C Desk Pilot can provide a customized/branded alternative for you including the simulated version of the aircraft in the box.

Don't hesitate to contact us at

In-game advertising