Welcome to the R/C Desk Pilot website!

After 8 months of development I am ready to show my baby to the world. My goal is to create an R/C flight simulator that is free-to-play. This will allow people interested in the hobby to try it out and train as realisticly as possible before going out to crash their first plane. Of course I hope to make it challenging enough to let experienced flyers play it for fun.

What's the current status?

Currently are implemented:

  • a custom built 3D engine (I named Bonsai)
  • 2 prop aircraft, one small electric, one larger nitro powered model, both 4-channel.
  • One airfield with trees, windmills, ...
  • basic flight model and physics engine for interaction with the ground. This will of course continuously be improved as it determines the quality of the sim.
  • controller support for joystick-compatible controllere
  • menu system, splash screen, on-screen-display,...

When can I download it?

Soon I hope to release a very small demo. This will not by any means contain all features I plan to include in future releases but it will allow me to test some stuff in real life and you to (hopefully) have some fun.

How can you make it free?

I hope to finance the development in some ways that are used on the internet since the beginning, and are starting to find its way into games as well. I'll need to experiment some in this area but these are the options as I see them now:

  • in-game advertising: when starting the sim, it will download some ads from this website that will be neatly integrated in the game as e.g. billboard next to the runway or aircraft paintjobs. These ads could be location specific, displaying R/C ads from your neighbourhood.
  • including new aircraft on demand for manufacturers/distributors. This would allow a user to buy the virtual airplane he just flew for real.
  • making custom versions for manufacturers: with many RTF models you buy nowadays, a CD is included with some generic simulator. Maybe R/C Desk Pilot can provide a customized/branded alternative for the manufacturer.

The goal ultimately is to keep the sim free for the end-user. In return I will only ask you to allow the sim to access the web to download a few ads and not to alter or distribute it without me knowing.

If you have any questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact me at info(AT)rcdeskpilot.com