RCGroups member and Parkzone Radian flyer Metman posted a message wondering if someone would be interested in building a version of the popular 2 meter sailplane for R/C Desk Pilot. Fellow member Eves (and one of the most talented artists I've seen) responded.

Metman was so delighted with his Radian, that he convinced Eves to buy one and together they started working. They were kind enough to show me some of their progress (and help debug the sim in the process) and the attention to detail these guys had is amazing: they used glide tests to compare the sim version with the real deal, they studied the airfoil and continuously test flew both the real and sim version of the plane. They even recorded their own radian and spent a week to get the sound right!

While Metman helped me improve the wind dynamics in the sim, Eves worked on a slope version of the Radian. When news of the new Radian Pro got out they thought it would be cool to be able to fly one in the sim before the plane is even available. After flying one in the sim, you'll definitely want the real deal!

As for how close they got? Download the package here and try it! Visually I think the included images of real vs. sim speak for themselves

A big congratulations to both for raising the bar on realism.