Virtual flock

I've had some great fun this weekend implementing what I think is a first for R/C simulation: a virtual flock of birds.

I've added a hundred birds to the scenery that display quite convincing flocking behaviour. The fun part is that they react to the airplane coming close. They start fleeing in panic at the sound of the engine.

The picture above doesn't do the effect justice, but I hope you can all enjoy this on your own pc soon enough.

Lens flare

Besides the birds, another two realism adding effects have been added. The first is lens flare when approaching the sun. This is more than cosmetics: every pilot knows flying into the sun can cause you to lose sight of your airplane.

The second effect was a suggestion I received through e-mail (thanks for those btw!): you can now hear the wind blowing. The volume and frequency of the sound changes with the actual wind, so you'll have an indication when a strong gust of wind is happening.

I've still got some work to do on the helicopter flight model, but once that's done, expect a new release!