After receiving lots of feedback from the nice people over at, a new version is ready for download. Lots of changes, including a new plane!

Changes include:

  • An improved flight model.
  • Pylon racing!
  • Computer controlled aircraft make the sky look less empty.
  • Support for windows 7 and 64 bit systems.
  • A new "tail cam" viewing mode.
  • An improved installer that checks for necessary components.
  • Many small improvements

And last but not least, the inclusion of a P-51. I want to thank BMKdesigns for this partnership that lets people try this exciting plane before buying the real thing.

P-51 screenshot

Next I want to thank a few individuals that contributed in a significant way to this and subsequent releases with their expertise or support: Dave Szuter, Fred Herfst and Malcom Crabbe.

Now I'm going back to work for the next release. Happy flying!