The project is coming along nicely.

I decided to take a shot at thermal soaring. But before implementing the physics, I like to have a good visual model of an actual thermal sailplane. This makes testing and debugging simpler (and more fun).

This time I didn't start from a real airplane, but did a model that just looks like a lot of things that are out there.

sailplane model

The model is pretty basic and will get an electro motor (that's easier to model than a tow-plane :-)). Next up: texturing.

Some other things that have seen some progress lately:

  • a first version of the installer of the upcoming demo;
  • an on screen menu system that allows toggling some functions while in flight;
  • improved wind effect. The wind now also effects the smoke;
  • a 'cinematic' camera that gives some dramatic viewpoints of the airplane in flight;

It shouldn't be long now before I can release a demo!