Today the second beta of the upcoming version 0.1.3 has been released.

After the first beta people could start building their own planes for R/C Desk Pilot and I was delighted to see the first planes appear! What's more, they are of great quality!.

Before I go further into this release, first a small list of changes:

  • Fixed a bug preventing the previous beta to run on low-spec systems
  • Fixed problems with the editor to create ultra micro models
  • Much improved weather/wind simulation (see below)
  • Added a slope soarer
  • Added support for different pilot positions and skies
  • Added a moving tractor to the scenery
  • For advertisers: location based ads: the in-game ads can now be based on user's location
  • Smaller fixes and improvements to both sim and editor according to user suggestions

Weather & wind

A first big thank you for this release is for Fred Herfst who is providing me with his professional insights to improve the thermal and wind implementation of RCDP. With his help I've expanded the wind and thermal options to the ones you see below. You can choose one of the presets or adjust every parameters manually. Due to the improvements, the wind will interact with the scenery to make slope soaring possible. For this purpose I've added an aileron equipped glider with V-tail to the sim.

Add-on aircraft

A second big thank you is for the people who were courageous enough to build the first airplanes for RCDP and provided me with the necessary feedback to improve things. A special thanks to Gary Gunners who patiently helped me debug a ultra-micro-compatibility-problem. Also thank you Eves and FrankyFly of for their aircraft and feedback; I'm sure everyone will enjoy their airplanes!

A note for the builders of beta 1: there have been some changes to the editor. If you re-open your airplanes from beta 1 in beta 2, it's possible that your current agility parameters are out of range (especially for very light models). In that case you might have to reset the agility parameters (note that there have been some added parameters allowing for further adjustments). A second change is in the ground drag: this has been changed since it didn't work very well for very light models, so you might have to readjust the ground drag value.

Scenery improvements

I try to include something fun in every new release. Not only for you, but also for myself :-). In this release that's an animated tractor plowing the field in the distance. Another novelty is that you can change the sky. I've included two skies in this version: the default one, and a sunset. Setting a new sky will alter the lighting conditions like angle and color. I'm pretty pleased with the effect.

Now go download it at the beta page!