Davy's blog

Following the feedback I received from the friendly people over at RCgroups I did some much needed updates. The most important one is to make the sim run smooth on older pc's.

I am proud to announce that a beta version is up for download on the Downloads page!

Although I don't consider the program anywhere near complete, I'm releasing this demo to ask for your help: please send any problems, improvements, suggestions and experiences to info@rcdeskpilot.com. Be sure to include your system specs if you're having problems. Or you can join the conversation over at rcgroups.com.

I finished modeling and texturing the sailplane.

After that it's a matter of getting all the physics and animation parameters right before the plane can be used in the sim.

glider screenshot

The glider is a 3-channel, 2 meter (6.5 ft) thermal sailplane with an electromotor, complete with folding prop!

The project is coming along nicely.

I decided to take a shot at thermal soaring. But before implementing the physics, I like to have a good visual model of an actual thermal sailplane. This makes testing and debugging simpler (and more fun).

This time I didn't start from a real airplane, but did a model that just looks like a lot of things that are out there.

sailplane model

The model is pretty basic and will get an electro motor (that's easier to model than a tow-plane :-)). Next up: texturing.

Welcome to the R/C Desk Pilot website!

After 8 months of development I am ready to show my baby to the world. My goal is to create an R/C flight simulator that is free-to-play. This will allow people interested in the hobby to try it out and train as realisticly as possible before going out to crash their first plane. Of course I hope to make it challenging enough to let experienced flyers play it for fun.