Davy's blog

The new version of R/C Desk Pilot is available for download on the download page, for free as always.

Changes include:

  • a first helicopter model
  • improved flight model
  • a new challenge "scarecrow"
  • "expo" option on the controls
  • improved support for lower end machines
  • support for 3D using red/cyan glasses
  • wind noise
  • variometer for the glider
  • lens flare when looking into the sun
  • provisions for an SDK (to be released)
  • improved installer with DirectX detection
  • non-English locale bug fixed
  • several bugfixes and smaller improvements

I've always been a fan of 3D. I have given myself an evening off to play with 3D. The most simple and accessible form of 3D is still the old red/blue glasses. The idea is pretty simple:

  • take the camera, move it a few centimeters to the left and render a frame to a buffer
  • take the camera, move it a few centimeters to the right and render a frame to a second buffer
  • overlay the two rendered images and filter the left image red and the right one cyan

This was amazingly simple to do in DirectX and the result can be seen in the video below:

Virtual flock

I've had some great fun this weekend implementing what I think is a first for R/C simulation: a virtual flock of birds.

I've added a hundred birds to the scenery that display quite convincing flocking behaviour. The fun part is that they react to the airplane coming close. They start fleeing in panic at the sound of the engine.

The picture above doesn't do the effect justice, but I hope you can all enjoy this on your own pc soon enough.

Last week I had some fun implementing an SDK or Software Development Kit. I did this because the question arose from two different angles: someone wanted to develop his own flightmodel (and share his experiences with me, thanks!), and someone suggested this would be a neat tool for autopilot hobbyists.

So the SDK targets two related areas: you can read and write input signals and aircraft data, or you can go one step further and write your own flightmodel. Read on for more technicalities.


I've received the question a number of times and I needed something to test my own SDK so I started working on a preliminary flightmodel that supports helicopters. I did the first testing on the Extra, but letting a plane fly like a helicopter just doesn't seem right. So the last few days I've been modeling a Eurocopter Tiger:

After receiving lots of feedback from the nice people over at RCGroups.com, a new version is ready for download. Lots of changes, including a new plane!