Davy's blog

It's been a very long time since my last post. Needless to say I am no longer actively working on R/C Desk Pilot (more on that below). However, I did still have quite a lot of improvements on my hard drive and finally had some time to put these together into a final build of R/C Desk Pilot.

It contains a few extra airplanes, water, support for multiple scenery's, reflective textures and a few other minor things.

We are proud to introduce the BMI Flight Simulator. BMI NV/SA has been a major European R/C wholesale distributor for over 40 years. As the first large distributor they have decided to offer a simulator featuring their latest planes for free to anybody wanting to try them. This is a unique way to try-before-you-buy.

Water has been on my wish list since the beginning. After Googling on a Friday night I stumbled upon Habib's Water Shader Wiki. Habib took the time to put together, write and explain in a very detailed and clear way a great way to render water. Thanks Habib!

This made it possible for me to add water to the sim in about a (long) weekend of coding. If you would like to know the inner workings: I pretty much followed Habib's guilines, so you can read it there. There is still a lot to be done before the water can be included in the next release. For example the Aircraft Editor needs to be expanded to support this new ability. I would also like to let the wave direction and amplitude depend on the wind direction.

RCGroups member and Parkzone Radian flyer Metman posted a message wondering if someone would be interested in building a version of the popular 2 meter sailplane for R/C Desk Pilot. Fellow member Eves (and one of the most talented artists I've seen) responded.

After a couple of beta versions, the definitive version 0.1.3 is now available for download at the download page.


This version of R/C Desk Pilot features:

  • 7 different flyable aircraft in 10 versions
  • download add-on aircraft created by other users or create your own with the included editor
  • an improved flight model
  • advanced simulation of wind and thermals with 15 presets
  • slope soaring
  • fun challenges like pylon racing
  • support for anaglyph 3D

During the beta stage, already a number of add-on aircraft were created. A list is available here.