It's been a very long time since my last post. Needless to say I am no longer actively working on R/C Desk Pilot (more on that below). However, I did still have quite a lot of improvements on my hard drive and finally had some time to put these together into a final build of R/C Desk Pilot.

It contains a few extra airplanes, water, support for multiple scenery's, reflective textures and a few other minor things.

After a couple of beta versions, the definitive version 0.1.3 is now available for download at the download page.


This version of R/C Desk Pilot features:

  • 7 different flyable aircraft in 10 versions
  • download add-on aircraft created by other users or create your own with the included editor
  • an improved flight model
  • advanced simulation of wind and thermals with 15 presets
  • slope soaring
  • fun challenges like pylon racing
  • support for anaglyph 3D

During the beta stage, already a number of add-on aircraft were created. A list is available here.

The beta containing the aircraft editor has been out for almost two months and already lots of add-on planes are appearing. I'm very pleased the editor has been so well received.

Airplane resources

The idea of this blogpost is to create an overview of airpanes that have been created and that I know of. I will try to update this post every once in a while with links to new planes. All these airplanes have been created and are being distributed by generous users, so feel welcome to express your gratitude to them.

And now for the list (in order of appearance):